Praise and More for Yes, Again

"A funny, touching, and ultimately uplifting story of a woman searching for love and purpose."

Kirkus Reviews   

"...[a] winsome memoir...humorous... Accounts of working and volunteering are shared to contribute to a sense of who Weissinger is—both a woman with a can-do personality and one with an open spirit....Yes, Again is an affirming memoir about the joys and difficulties of dating after loss."
Foreword Reviews

"If you like to read memoirs, you won’t be disappointed in Sallie Weissinger’s Yes, Again. I really loved was a pleasure to read a book written by a woman who didn’t let age get in the way of seeking love and living life fully.  While she may not have realized it when writing, Sallie provided a life lesson for those of us of a certain age: There’s no reason not to take charge of our lives and make things happen. Whether it’s looking for love, reaching personal and professional goals, or living on purpose every day, women can disrupt aging and rise to life’s challenges."   

Camille Goscicki,

"I had such a good time reading this and I think you will, too!...
a perfect blend of laugh-out-loud funny and heartfelt emotionality."

Toots Book Review  

"Weissinger details her journey of love, loss, growth and the rediscovery of joy with introspection, honesty and appreciable humor....I highly recommend reading Yes, Again you’ll be glad you did!"

Winsome To Wisdom

"She actually suffers several losses over just a 4-year span.  As she picks up the pieces of her life and learns to cope with loss, after some time, she wants to find another life partner....heartfelt....she is an inspiration.  We can all learn a lot from her."

Teddy's Book Reviews Plus

"I laughed out loud while reading this book more times than I could count! Sallie H. Weissinger has a talent for finding the humor in frustrating situations and putting together a narrative that leaves you hooked."

“…amazingly written heart-warming memoir, Yes, Again, doesn't fail to wrench our hearts and tear up our eye corners every now and then. Recounting her journey of finding love(s), heart breaks, losses, grief, perseverance, and pain, Yes, Again, is more a tale of self discovery and hope, rather than melancholy."
Just Another Reader

"Weissinger writes with the kind of universally accessible flair that makes a good memoir shine....not only a funny romp through the dating world, but a heartfelt look at Weissinger’s feelings about the loss of her husband and an inspiring take on, as they say, ‘getting back out there.’ "
All Things Jill-Elizabeth

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