sallie and ginnie german.jpg

My older sister Virginia and me.  We lived in post-WW II Germany for three years, when Dad was stationed in Bavaria, in charge of censorship operations.  Mom dressed us in German dresses and shoes so the local children wouldn't spit on us or push us down.  We blended in and learned to speak fluent German.


Team PASTRAMI compatriots, sister Virginia and her son Clayton.  The monkey was our mascot, reminding us to keep monkey business and humor thriving during my search.  

haiken girls 2.jpg

The Haiken family outings are a longstanding fall tradition.  Here we are in Mendocino in 2019.  


My parents, Steve and Virginia, in front of their home in New Orleans.


Jason Myers, pianist, composer, and my "son," with Bart and me in 2019.