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In this heartfelt memoir, we learn the details about all of Sallie’s losses and heartaches and how she overcame the obstacles they formed…  Yes, Again gets all 5 stars from me!

Teddy Rose

The memoir is incredibly witty, light, easy and highly entertaining with that perfect dose of humor. An epic page-turner for anyone who has a dating story to tell. Generally, it's a funny and insightful excerpt for Sallie's life journey with an appropriate title telling of the various ups and downs a woman looking for love again is bound to face in a great bid to say “Yes Again.”

By all means, go grab a copy and enjoy!

Gud Reader

Honest sharing of searching for love. What a touching story of the author's life – all its trials and tribulations, told with a sense of humor and truth. I loved every page. I also loved the way each chapter was titled with a song. Such a wonderful book.

Nancy Reynolds

I highly recommend this book to anyone. She is a voice of experience, speaking clearly and concisely, with truth and courage. She shares herself in such a way that everyone should be able to find something that speaks to them.

Karen Tosie

This book is a very open, very honest, very poignant tale of a person searching for connection after having felt her life was in a spin. A great treatise on loneliness and desire, that search for something quintessential to connection with other people. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Andy Keith

Sallie Weissinger has written a beautiful tale in Yes, Again – a story of her life, particularly as an “older” widow. The story (tale) is at times heartbreaking and at times heart-warming and totally worth reading! However I particularly enjoyed her writing. It is a style I can only dream of – crisp but emotional, detailed yet clear, grounded and uplifting. You have probably heard this cliché, “you will laugh and you will cry,” but that is exactly what will happen when you read her story. I wish we could go for margaritas and chat – she sounds like a ton of fun!

Laura DeLaCruz

Yes, Again: (Mis)adventures Of A Wishful Thinker is a memoir of Weissinger's time trying to find

Mr. Right a second time and the epic highs and lows of the world of modern dating.

Wiessinger writes with the kind of universally accessible flair that makes a good memoir shine. 

Yes, Again is not only a funny romp through the dating world, but a heartfelt look at Weissinger's feelings about the loss of her husband and an inspiring take on, as they say, “getting back out there.” I think this book will galvanize anyone into action on their own love life and make you feel brave enough to get back out there yourself!


A truly inspiring tale of one woman's search for love through the treacherous world of online dating. Sallie H. Weissinger was in her late-50's when her husband, the love of her life, died of cancer.

Sallie soon discovers that online dating is nothing like she would have expected. … Yes, Again: (Mis)adventures Of A Wishful Thinker is a compilation of the greatest hits from Sallie H. Weissinger's adventures in dating, and every anecdote is a treat to read! This is a one of a kind read for all of the romantics out there!


I laughed out loud while reading this book more times than I could count! Sallie H. Weissinger has a talent for finding the humor in frustrating situations and putting together a narrative that leaves you hooked.

This memoir was both hilarious and touching and one that I found myself completely enveloped in as I was reading. Weissinger is a great writer and so likable. This was a great read, and a great reminder that there is always time left to find that special someone.

Laura Lee

There are many words that describe Sallie Weissinger Author's new memoir Yes, Again –intelligent, funny, gut-wrenching, absorbing, eloquent, hopeful. But above all else, the story of Sallie's life, of losing love then finding it again, is truly INSPIRATIONAL! ...

If you're dealing with loss and need a heroine/role model, you'll love this book.


But if you're just a fan of well-written memoirs of lives well lived, you'll love it just as much!


         Leon Acord

An amazingly written heart-warming memoir, Yes, Again doesn't fail to wrench our hearts and tear up our eye corners every now and then. Recounting her journey of finding love(s), heartbreaks, losses, grief, perseverance, and pain, Yes, Again is more a tale of self-discovery and hope, rather than melancholy. Reading through Weissinger's path is a brilliant treat, and I loved every page of it.

Just another reader

Yes, Again: (Mis)adventures of a Wishful Thinker is a beautiful memoir by Sallie H Weissinger. I admired her courage in telling her story. I wanted to keep reading to see if or how she was able to overcome such a devastating life changing loss. I found myself laughing out loud at times and grabbing my own tissues at others. It a read that warmed my heart and gave some much needed hope and inspiration.


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This isn’t just a ‘read,’ it’s a brilliant woman’s insightful adventure in life and living in our time...


Women will love this book because it’s both inspiring and a great self-help book, as the author keeps on trucking to overcome every obstacle. ... Men will also like it because it’s inspiring, and because they’ll learn a lot about what women think and how they judge men. … I learned a lot from this book.


…I highly recommend this book to anyone. … [Sallie] shares herself in such a way that everyone should be able to find something that speaks to them.

                                                                                                                    K. Tosie

I couldn't put the book down; it's an absolute page-turner.



What a touching story of the author's life – all its trials and tribulations, told with a sense of humor

and truth. I loved every page.



My aunt, who's in her seventies, suggested I read this book, and I'm glad I did. I have always admired the women of Sallie Weissinger's generation for the many ways they redefined what it means to be a woman. This book is a delightful look at dating and partnership starting in the years of second-wave feminism. Throughout the story I was struck by Sally's unending decency and optimism, as well as the imagination and persistence with which she finds companionship and makes a meaningful life completely on her own terms.

Super inspiring!  


                                                                                                                                   Ondine R.