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This was my first interview.   It can be found online             .  My interview starts at 1:26:30.

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Snapped from my first virtual bookstore event at
Annie Bloom's Books!   If you missed the live event, you can watch the recorded event             .

What a wonderful event—IN PERSON—at Octavia Books. There must have been close to 50 people there.

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This is my good friend—and editor—Courtney getting ready for my Saturday event at Book Passage....


We had more than fifty people come to my Bay Area launch at the beautiful and spacious Book Passage in

Marin County—a thriving indie bookstore.

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The three panelists at Mechanics Institute Library in San Francisco, delivered by Zoom to 35 or more attendees (I didn't count ... was too busy looking at the questions on the "chat"), addressed the topic posed:  What authors and books have affected our writing?  Many questions were raised and addressed:  How have we related to writers?  Who are our role models?  Our mentors? ... How did we find our voice? ... Whom did we emulate? ... Have we broken away from them and established our own voice? 


I cited as my role models Ann Lamott, Ann Patchett, and Joan Didon.  It was especially educational for me to hear from panelist Jackie Davis Martin.  And I learned about writers I'd never heard of:  Jim Thompson and Rose Tremain.  I'm going to check them out – read something they've written.  


I've been a paying member/donor of the Mechanics Institute Library for at least forty years - it's a treasure, a historical landmark.  They have a writers' event every month - check out their website.   

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