About the Author

I am a native of New Orleans and was raised as a military brat away from the South (Germany, New Mexico, Ohio, Japan, and Michigan) from ages two to sixteen. Every summer, we returned to visit family members in New Orleans and in my father's small town in Alabama. I consider myself a Southerner culturally, but not politically. I have lived in the Bay Area since 1973, but now spend much of my time in Portland, Oregon, with my husband.

In my twenties, I was a high school teacher and college professor of Spanish. In my thirties I worked as a secretary (three years) and a vocational rehabilitation counselor (four years). In 1981, I began working as a personnel recruiter at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. I worked in recruitment, employee relations, corporate communications, training, and benefits and ultimately was vice president of district human resources and public affairs, retiring after twenty-three years at the Federal Reserve.


Following retirement, I chose to focus on my love of the Spanish language and learned to do medical interpreting and translating for medical non-profits serving underprivileged populations in Venezuela, Peru, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic: Rotaplast, a Rotary-sponsored organization that performs surgery on children with cleft palates and cleft lips; PINCC, a cervical cancer prevention agency that trains doctors and health care workers to treat local patients; Partners for Rural Health, which treats patients with a wide range of health conditions; and a dental hygiene and nutrition program that focuses on youth.

Additional volunteer activities have involved being active with and serving on the boards of Berkeley Rotary Club, East Bay animal rescue shelters, and Aurora Theatre.

My greatest passion is spending time with Bart, doing the simple things: walking with our dogs, listening and tapping my toes to music on Pandora and Spotify, cooking, talking, and reading. I enjoy doing volunteer work, hiking, speaking and teaching Spanish, reading and writing, and singing and dancing to rock and roll and Motown music

I am pleased, proud, and startled to have written my first book.